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What happens after the court appoints a Guardian or Conservator?

Once the judge has appointed a Guardian or Conservator, they will be advised of their duties and will be given a court order appointing them Guardian and/or Conservator. Prior to appointing a Conservator, the court will require the proposed Conservator to file a bond in the amount of the assets to be protected to ensure the faithful performance of his or her duties. From this point forward, the Respondent is referred to as the “Protected Person.”

The Guardian is required to file an annual report with the court concerning the Protected Person’s status along with a description of the actions performed by the Guardian. The Conservator is required to file a detailed annual accounting with the court. This accounting must show all income paid to the Protected Person, all expenses paid on behalf of the Protected Person, and the amount of the assets being held by the Conservator. Copies of bank statements and receipts for income and expenses must accompany the accounting.